The restaurant

Fresh tomato, mozzarella buffalo, basil pesto, crostini, rocket and extra virgin olive oil: fresh ingredients, carefully selected, are mixed to create a dish that its flavor will surprise you. The authentic Mediterranean Cuisine gets alivein MIMAYA through the recipes of our chef Michalis Iroglidis and a delicioustrip to the Mediterranean begins. Fresh salads, extraordinary risotto, fresh pasta, Black Angus meat and fresh fish compose the menu of our restaurant. The menu of MIMAYA combines the authentic culinary tradition of all the countries of the Mediterranean with a modern and creative approach to the magic of taste. We are expecting you at MIMAYA to enjoy the taste of the Mediterranean Cuisine.

Our restaurant

MIMAYA was designed in a way that it condenses the Mediterranean aesthetics. On the walls, in hand-made metal litted up boxes, you can find products from all over Greece, traditional products like extra virgin olive oil from Missinia, Peloponnisos, or rare salt from the Mediterranean Sea. Our secret is the authentic taste that results from traditional ingredients and exceptional raw material that are all presented in the best possible way by being put in luminous showcases. You can taste all the products, which lay on our shelves, in excellent dishes that are prepared daily by our chef Michalis Iroglidis.

In MIMAYA, you can find authentic elements of the traditional Mediterranean architecture: the tables are fully hand-made and they are entirely covered by hand-painted tiles from Italy and Spain, the windows are similar with those used in Greek industrial buildings during the 60’s, while the floors are fully covered by grey mortar mixed with cement that produces a really smooth sense of being in a Mediterranean island. The restaurant was designed with the objective of bringing the breeze of the Mediterranean in the city. By combining a modern and creative design with traditional elements, Vois Architects (Katerina Vordoni & Fania Sinanioti) managed to impress on the design board the exact vision of the owner and chef of the Restaurant Michalis Iroglidis. The result is a real Mediterranean Restaurant.